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Appleton Vs Climate
The People


      When I was young, I and my friends would go fishing down at the fox, around the mills, and the cheese plant. It smelled bad, it was dirty, every so often we would see a rainbow cloud of something drift past. Everyone knew we couldn’t keep anything we caught there.  There where no eagles, in fact to see an eagle in the state, was a special event. I’ve hunted and fished in Wisconsin’s waters and woods for over 40 years. I have witnessed firsthand the bad and the good. I have no desire to see environmental problems again.


      What we can do is plant trees, put in walking’s trial, no mow may. A walking trail under the high lines by Oneida St and 441. Implement community gardens on that site and others. Promote safe liquid salt reactors at the state and federal level where they have the resources are to build them.

      Local governments can only tax and punish, Let’s look at a couple of examples.

Government makes us pay $25 to “recycle electronic” and much of that equipment ends up in shipping container bound for China and the 3rd world. They are not fixing anything, just hiding the problem so politicians can pat themselves on the back, and we pay $25.


     Putting in bike lanes where we have been riding bikes for years, taking away resident parking in the process. Like on Fremont St. Punishment for using cars, and no where to park, no visitor, friends, no family.

From a Post Crescent article, here is a list of recommendations from Appleton’s Climate Task Force:

  • Create a greenhouse gas inventory: 

  • Develop and execute an education plan: 

  • Embrace green buildings and practices: 

  • Encourage alternative transportation:

  • Reduce energy consumption: 

  • Transition to renewable energy: 

  • Protect the ecosystem: 

Lets translated these.

Embrace green building and practices, Translation: Let’s take away concreate or charge the citizens a fee to the point its unusable.

From:  “If concrete were a country, it would be the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases on Earth, behind only China and the United States.”

Encourage alternative transportation, Translation: high Taxes & fee on traditional cars to make us buy electric vehicles.  Not caring that the batteries must be replaced every 8 to 10 years for thousands of dollars. 

  • Forcing elderly on fixed incomes on the bus.

  • Making cars unaffordable for low-income people to put them on the bus

  • Recycling fees to ship old batteries to the 3rd world or piles of lithium batteries laying around.


Transition to renewable energy:

                Translation: A carbon tax local business, forcing some out of the city, and higher prices.


Smart government is what we need, not punishments for the people.

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