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High school job training
(Student/Union Training Program)

High school job training (Student/Union Training Program)


Can Appleton assist with linking High School students with volunteer Trade Union worker and a management group like Habitat for Humanity. For maintenance and repairs for low-income and seniors in the city.

What it would accomplish:

Students will be trained in a good career by people who know the job.

Unions can find new hard-working members.

low-income and seniors get needed repairs.

Everyone in Appleton will see our property values go up.



Almost 50 years ago my father and his best friend started a hunting camp at his friends one room log cabin. This consisted of the two men and mostly their son. The friend, and sons where in the Union construction trades. My father was a construction manager. The sons still go every year, and I am the youngest by about 10 years. I learned more about Hard Work, Perseverance, character, and Thinking First, from these guys than I could thank them for.

Over the years they would talk about the Union halls be short or empty, and the young people coming in, do not have basic skills.  

I was reading where Habitat for Humanity is help low-income seniors with home maintenance and critical repairs.

Not all our high school students are meant for college. For that matter not all of our college student are meant for college.

Many of these jobs are good paying job. I have a friend who recently bought his second house, out in the country and a newer truck and he was still in his twenties.

Student Union Train Program
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